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"We recently had a major time-crunch project with one of our largest clients. A new site creation—one that we would normally take six to eight weeks to do—we needed to complete in about ten days. One of the smartest decisions we made was bringing GCN onto the project. Their soup-to-nuts team helped with everything from design to technology. We needed to have the site seamlessly interact with one of our existing sites and it was a very technologically challenging project. They attacked the project quickly and effectively."

Case Study: Frontline Medical Communications

Frontline Medical Communications


This medical publisher was looking to rebuild their sites on an enterprise-class content management system that would allow their editorial teams to generate and tag content across multiple titles. The production and design teams needed a digital asset management system to catalog hundreds of images for all of the sites.

Frontline Result

GCN built a sophisticated infrastructure that features over 30 new sponsorship and advertising opportunities, videos, blogs, access-controlled "premium content," and more than 15,000 archived articles.

GCN even developed a content pipeline that automatically pulls editorial content from the IMNG print-production system and populates it in the appropriate spots on the new site. This reduces the amount of time required to update the site, while allowing near-instant re-use of print editorial on the web.

And because all of the content generated and managed by the site is piped through a sophisticated templating engine, Frontline can feed any type of content, whether generated by editors for print or a blog post added by a reader, to any type of Internet-connected device, be it a mobile phone, tablet, netbook, or traditional desktop computer.


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