Kimberly Hanson-Brown
KMD Media, LLC.

"We made the decision to revamp our website this past summer. This was a big investment decision for a company of our size, but after a thorough review of the possibilities, we decided that the options GCN provided met the growth objectives we had set forth, and we will never look back on making this capital investment for our online operations. It has been a winner since the day we showed the site design to our sales team. Within weeks they had recouped the investment with advertiser commitments, months before we even launched the site. This has turned our online operations into a 2011 projection of 40% of our total revenues, up from 15% the previous year. This became one of the easiest decisions I have ever made and the most "out of the gate" profitable one! We continue to receive help and support from the entire GCN team as we make decisions to build new areas into our site, allowing us to continue to sell new online ideas to our customers.  This has been a phenomenal “winner” for our company as we go into 2011!"

ONEpub: E-First Enterprise CMS


ONEpubONEpub is a revolutionary new CMS that allows your team to write, edit and manage content through a web-based browser, then publish your editorial product to  the web, a mobile device, even Adobe InDesign with equal ease. ONEpub is an enterprise-class, web-based Content Management System that provides all of the latest web-publishing tools. It includes a robust work-flow and commenting system, a mark-up system for formatting content for print, and a sophisticated export engine that allows your production team to export any editorial object directly into Adobe InDesign. This eliminates the need for separate web and print content management systems, allowing your content to be E-First, with delivery to virtually any device.

Why ONEpub?

Trio CollageONEpub allows your editorial team to write and edit content in a familiar, web-based interface without any client-side software on their machines. It has a complete versioning and work-flow engine, commenting, integrated folder and action alerts--everything a modern production system requires to support the editorial process.

ONEpub also incorporates the latest social networking tools, which allow readers to post comments, exchange ideas, connect to social networking sites, and much much more. All of this content can then be automatically released to your web site, pushed out to your newsletters,  streamed to a mobile device, or exported as formatted content on a story-by-story or issue-by-issue basis for use in your print publications.

ONEpub truly is a multi-channel publishing engine!

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Frontline Medical Media
Case Study

Frontline Medical Communications needed to enhance the functionality and design of 10 high-traffic medical journal web sites and turned to GCN for help.

Using the latest Responsive Web Design (RWD) tools and technologies on our ONEpub platform, GCN re-tooled the sites to provide better navigation and increased ease of use across all print and mobile devices. GCN also increased the number of banner positions on the sites, while maintaining proper positioning and scale—a challenge in RWD implementation.

The new sites feature faster access to news and journal content through advanced caching navigational hovers on all pages. IAB-standard banner positions are prominent throughout the sites, with ad positions specifically targeted to offer advertisers incredible granularity in the types of positions they sponsor.

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Features and Benefits

• Complete separate of content and design
• The ability for editors to add new features like blogs, video, forums and content with no programming required
• WYSIWYG editors for creation and editing, just like other desktop tools
• Full categorization and cross-indexing of content
• Output options for RSS, e-newsletters, individualized alerts
• Multi-level access management for every system user
• Integrated social media engines
• Scalable scripting language
• Support for more than 40 languages
• Complete editorial work-flow and asset management capabilities



What is ONEpub?
ONEpub is a suite of publishing-specific workflow tools that are built on top of an enterprise-class, web-based CMS. Currently ONEpub supports TYPO3. TYPO3 is currently used by more than 700,000 sites worldwide, and has been translated into 50 languages. There is an active development community of more than 25,000 developers working on Typo3 sites in 60 countries.

Can ONEpub Be Added to My Current CMS?

Absolutely. ONEpub is a platform-neutral toolkit that is designed to give true, multi-channel publishing capabilities to any web-based CMS. Contact our sales team to find out what's involved in adding ONEpub support to your CMS.