Kimberly Hanson-Brown
KMD Media, LLC.

"We made the decision to revamp our website this past summer. This was a big investment decision for a company of our size, but after a thorough review of the possibilities, we decided that the options GCN provided met the growth objectives we had set forth, and we will never look back on making this capital investment for our online operations. It has been a winner since the day we showed the site design to our sales team. Within weeks they had recouped the investment with advertiser commitments, months before we even launched the site. This has turned our online operations into a 2011 projection of 40% of our total revenues, up from 15% the previous year. This became one of the easiest decisions I have ever made and the most "out of the gate" profitable one! We continue to receive help and support from the entire GCN team as we make decisions to build new areas into our site, allowing us to continue to sell new online ideas to our customers.  This has been a phenomenal “winner” for our company as we go into 2011!"

bg2go: Value To Your Advertisers


• Profile-builder tool allows you to instantly create your own custom, interactive response form

• Lead submission tools integrated into both company and product listings

• Lead tracking tools record all information requests, as well as view and click-through data

• Dedicated advertiser log-in allows listed companies to view their lead and traffic data

• Readers can sign up for automated alerts whenever a company or category changes 


• Eliminates costly development costs to build a custom reader response form or
change form data

• Allows readers to instantly request more info while they’re searching for information

• Proves the performance of your brand in sending traffic to advertiser Web sites

• Increases advertiser satisfaction and helps them do more business with you

• Drives traffic to the directory and creates a list of what your readers are interested in

Features & Benefits

• Formats data for Adobe InDesign, XML and QuarkXPress
• Support for “inch-” or “call-” ads in print export
• Includes company and product directories
• Built-in e-commerce for upsell purchases
• Parametric data for detailed company and product searches
• Self-service so companies can update their listings
• Support for mobile devices and mobile advertising
• Can be hosted by us, a third-party hosting company, or your Web servers
• Can be managed by your in-house team
• Integrates with your site’s look and feel
• Low implementation cost


Does bg2go support unique lead forms for individual advertisers?

Yes. bg2go allows you to create unique questionnaire forms for each advertiser or a generic lead generation form for all.

Does bg2go have any hidden fees?

No, it is shrink-wrapped. You decide if you want to renew an annual maintenance each year.