bg2go: Value To Your Advertisers


• Profile-builder tool allows you to instantly create your own custom, interactive response form

• Lead submission tools integrated into both company and product listings

• Lead tracking tools record all information requests, as well as view and click-through data

• Dedicated advertiser log-in allows listed companies to view their lead and traffic data

• Readers can sign up for automated alerts whenever a company or category changes 


• Eliminates costly development costs to build a custom reader response form or
change form data

• Allows readers to instantly request more info while they’re searching for information

• Proves the performance of your brand in sending traffic to advertiser Web sites

• Increases advertiser satisfaction and helps them do more business with you

• Drives traffic to the directory and creates a list of what your readers are interested in

Features & Benefits

• Formats data for Adobe InDesign, XML and QuarkXPress
• Support for “inch-” or “call-” ads in print export
• Includes company and product directories
• Built-in e-commerce for upsell purchases
• Parametric data for detailed company and product searches
• Self-service so companies can update their listings
• Support for mobile devices and mobile advertising
• Can be hosted by us, a third-party hosting company, or your Web servers
• Can be managed by your in-house team
• Integrates with your site’s look and feel
• Low implementation cost


Does bg2go support unique lead forms for individual advertisers?

Yes. bg2go allows you to create unique questionnaire forms for each advertiser or a generic lead generation form for all.

Does bg2go have any hidden fees?

No, it is shrink-wrapped. You decide if you want to renew an annual maintenance each year.