Seamless Mobility: Mobile Content Delivery


Readers today are on every type of platform, from Blackberries to iPads and everything in between. As a publisher, you simply can't afford to ignore this new information paradigm.

At GCN Media Services, we're experts at all forms of content delivery. In fact, every site we build has a Mobile Content Deliverymobile component to it, whether it's a mobile format for the content, or a device-specific application designed to leverage a particular platform.


To see the seamless mobility in action, point your browser to on your mobile device.

We can use our experience to help you determine what's the best deployment strategy for your brand's experience across all media formats, then execute that strategy by integrating it into the tools we've built for your web site. This gives you a single, integrated platform for all your digital publishing, from the Droid to the 'noid and everything in between.

Mobile Content Delivery Features:

• Content re-use across multiple screen sizes and device formats

• The ability to geolocate content and advertising based on the location of the reader

• Unique, branded advertising that can be directed at all mobile users, at users of a specific device, or even of users in a specific location

• The ability to alter content on a per-device basis, like producing smaller, low-res videos for hand-held devices, and a larger, richer video experience for devices like the iPad.


To find out how we can expand your brand across multiple digital channels, give us a call today at 203.665-6211 or complete this form to request more information.